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DieselRadio.com Launches First Consumer & Commercial Diesel Webcast

Veteran broadcasters interview industry leaders on diesel news, trends, and technology

Louisville, KY -- DieselRadio.com, a ground-breaking new online diesel talk show, covers advances in consumer and commercial diesel technology complete with listener questions. Host E.J. Clark discusses industry trends, introduces innovative products, and interviews diesel experts about the practical impact of various technologies.

"With over half a million new diesel owners a year, there's a growing demand for this kind of news and information," says Executive Producer and co-host Jay Miller. "With today's microelectronics and advanced machine tool capabilities, the power of the 100-plus-year-old diesel engine is suddenly advancing at breakneck speed."

"The average person doesn't realize that a diesel engine can run virtually as clean and quiet as a gas engine, but get about 40% better fuel economy," says Miller. "Diesel engines also last much longer and produce less greenhouse effect. We want to educate diesel enthusiasts -- and hopefully convert a few new ones!"

The Diesel Radio Network chose the web-based DieselRadio.com format to allow experts and consumers to dialog freely while creating a 24/7 archive for listeners.

"Using the hottest new medium on the net, we've created a forum for consumers to ask industry leaders their questions," says Clark, a 30-year radio veteran. "Our mission is 'To advance diesel education by providing a medium to connect consumers with experts.' Our advertiser-supported model allows us to maintain a growing online library free to listeners."

The program includes email and, occasionally, live listener questions. Listeners can also contribute ideas for future programming by requesting a guest or topic related to a specific product, trend, legislation, design or maintenance issue at DieselRadio.com.

More more information or to listen, tune in at: DieselRadio.com

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