DEFA North America Grows New Aftermarket Network For
Zero-Idling Automotive Charging and Heating Systems

DEFA Builds Aftermarket Distribution Channel With 3 New Distributors 

MARKHAM, ONTARIO – CANADA – DEFA adds Action Truck and Car Accessories, CTP (Custom Truck Parts) Distributors, and AutoMobility to the growing automotive aftermarket distribution channel for its eco-friendly line of automotive charging and heating systems. DEFA’s innovative systems provide zero emissions, “green” products including cabin heaters, engine heaters, and On-Board Smart Charger especially designed for cold weather climates.

Action Truck and Car Accessories is Canada’s largest automotive accessory store and vehicle upfitter with over 45 locations nationwide. CTP Distributors is Canada’s leading wholesaler of aftermarket accessories. AutoMobility is the key player in the 12V aftermarket, and a certified supplier of OEM remote starters, tracking and video surveillance systems.

“We are very pleased by the accomplishment of our team in North America,” says Bård Klungseth, CEO of DEFA Group of Companies. ”It is a very important market for us, with a climate that fits well with our product portfolio. We are looking forward to offering environmentally-friendly products that will improve the comfort and convenience of driving, while increasing the performance and reliability for the driver.”

DEFA WarmUp systems plug into a household outlet to keep vehicles charged and warmed. The On-Board Smart Charger and Engine Heater assures the vehicle is easier to start, even on the coldest days. The Cabin Heater creates a more comfortable interior for passengers. Each can be activated by an optional Smartphone (Bluetooth) or in-Car Controller.

About DEFA

Since 2013, DEFA North America (based in Markham, Ontario) has provided marketing, sales, technical and customer service as well as engineering support for DEFA products. As a subsidiary of DEFA Group, the company’s mission is to make DEFA the leader in zero emissions automotive heating and charging products in North America.

DEFA is currently a European leader in electrical automotive heating and charging systems. It is also the global leader in electrical vehicle charging infra-structure. DEFA has manufactured and maintains more than 60,000 stations and services over 100,000 digital users in the Nordic market alone.

For more information on DEFA North America heating and charging systems, call 888/539-DEFA (3332) or visit

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