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Milton Industries


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Milton Industries was founded in 1943 as a family business focused on compressed air accessories. Today, Milton is celebrating its 75th Year and manufactures over 1500 pneumatic coupler, plug and accessory SKU’s and continues to be privately-held. The majority of Milton’s products are proudly Made in the USA with U.S. and Global Components.

Milton Industries invented many industry-standard products, including: M-Style® KWIK® Change Couplers and Plugs, Window Inflator Gages, Safety Blow Guns, and the original compressed air hose-based Driveway Signal chimes and bell.

For more information visit: miltonindustries.com.

Media Contact:
Phil Sasso

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Current News Headlines

Milton Industries Acquires Thunder Technologies

Pneumatic/Hydraulic Leader Expands Footprint Into Industrial Hose, Piping Expansion Joints, Cut Rubber and Gasket Products

Chicago-based Milton Industries, a leader in pneumatic and hydraulic accessories, announced today its acquisition of Thunder Technologies LLC, manufacturer of industrial hose, piping expansion joints, cut rubber and gasket products. (full story)

Milton Industries Acquires Global-Flex Manufacturing

Pneumatics Leader Expands Into Flexible Hose Assemblies, Expansion Joints

Chicago-based Milton Industries, a leader in pneumatic and hydraulic accessories, announced today its acquisition of Global-Flex Manufacturing, maker of flexible stainless steel, bronze, and PTFE hose assemblies and metal and rubber expansion joints. (full story)

Milton Industries Acquires National-Spencer And Zee Line Product Line

Pneumatics Leader Expands into Lubrication and Fluid Management

Chicago-based Milton Industries, a leading pneumatic and hydraulic accessory maker, announced today its acquisition of National-Spencer and the Zee Line brand of lubrication and fluid management products. National-Spencer has facilities in Wichita, KS; Spencer, IA; and Stockton, CA. This is Milton’s third acquisition in the last 18 months. (full story)

Milton Unveils Unrivaled +/- 0.05% Precision Digital Inflator Gage

580e Series Features Unparalleled Accuracy & Large Articulating, Easy-to-Read Display

Milton Industries new 580e Series Precision Digital Inflator Gage features up to 20 times greater accuracy than the most exacting product currently on the market. This RoHS REACH-compliant gage is the ultimate tool for professional technicians, diehard prosumers, and the performance racing market….(full story)

Milton’s New Service Gage Is Field Re-Calibratable

Exclusive “Quick Click™” System Offers Dial-In Accuracy

Milton Industries new 900 Series Field Re-Calibratable Service Gage provides patent-pending “Quick Click™” accuracy. Each click of the calibration tool adjusts the PSI by +/-0.25…(full story)

Milton Introduces Digital Compact Inflator Gage

Shorter Casting Gives User Better Control

Milton Industries new Digital Compact Inflator Gage s-530 Series features a shorter casting for better hand control and heavy-duty aluminum casting construction for long-life in extreme work environments….(full story)

Previous News Headlines

EXELAIR FRL Line’s New Color-Coded Packaging
“Practically Sells The Product Itself”

The new EXELAIR by Milton line of FRLs (Filters Regulators Lubricators) maintains clean, dry air, consistent pressure, and lubricated pneumatic lines to improve performance and extend the life of air-powered tools and components….(full story)

Quickly Match Compressed Air Connector
Profiles with Color-Coded System

New V-Style HighFlowPRO™ Offers Up To 70% More Flow

The new ColorFit™ Color Connector System from Milton Industries (AAPEX Booth #3835) allows users to quickly match compressed air plugs and couplers.  ColorFit is available in M-style® (red), A-style (green), and T-style (blue) profiles.  The new Colorfit V-style HighFlowPRO™ (purple) provides up to 70 percent more flow than standard couplers. All ColorFit plugs and couplers are interchangeable with standard fittings….(full story)

Chicago-Based Milton Industries Signs
Three-Year Union Agreement

Manufacturer Works In Partnership
With Labor Force To Keep 110 U.S. Jobs


Compressed air accessories and fitting manufacturer Milton Industries (miltonindustries.com) has executed a three-year contract with its organized labor force that outlines a win-win working partnership. Despite absorbing significant cost increases, primarily associated with the new City of Chicago ordinances, the management and labor teams have worked together to gain meaningful production efficiencies and maintain production of its Made in USA products..(full story)